January 14, 2020

Types of Shipping Containers: Which is Right for You?

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Different products require different shipping methods, which is why choosing the appropriate container for your needs is a crucial step in the logistics process.

In order to accommodate the various products that are shipped on a daily basis, there are a number of containers that differ in height, material, and structure in order to ensure the safe transport of your goods. Below are the 9 most common types of shipping containers:

Dry Container

This type of container is arguably the most in demand and most commonly used in the industry. Also known as general purpose containers, they are used for shipping goods that do not require any temperature control. Fully enclosed and weather resistant, this type of container comes in sizes of 10, 20, and 40 feet.

Flat Rack Container

Flat rack containers are characterized by their collapsible sides that can be folded down to create a flat surface. The stable nature of this container makes it ideal for oversized cargo, heavy machinery, and large construction materials.

Open Top Container

Open top containers have a removable roof, allowing them to be the perfect choice for accommodating shipments that are over-height and cannot easily be loaded through the doors.

Tunnel Container

Otherwise known as double door containers, this type of shipping container is identified by the doors on both ends. Tunnel containers are great for quickly loading and unloading, and are ideal for shipments that require wider space.

Open Side Container

Almost identical to dry containers, open side containers differ in that their doors can completely open on the side. Due to their structure, open side containers can properly accommodate over-sized cargo that do not fit through the regular doors.

Reefer Container

When shipping temperature sensitive cargo, a reefer container would be your choice for storage. This type of container uses external power to keep the temperature inside regulated based on the needs of the product.

Insulated Container

Much like reefer containers, insulated containers allow for temperature regulation control in order to maintain the integrity of sensitive shipments. Equipped with a compressor that can cool or heat the air inside, an insulated container is the ideal choice when transporting temperature controlled goods over long distances.

Tank Container

Tank containers are used to transport and store liquids. This type of container is constructed from steel or anti-corrosive materials in order to protect the liquid inside and prevent the risk of spillage.

Half-Height Container

Made obvious by its name, this type of container is characterized by its height, which is half the size of a general purpose container. Due to its design, half-height containers have a lower center of gravity, making them great for transporting bulk cargo.

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