Global Cargo has been working in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry since 1996. We provide consulting and develop solutions for every type of shipment, from simple to complex.

Miami’s strategic location along with its modern and agile port, rail, air, and maritime systems have made the city a gateway to Latin America. Products from all origins come to Miami to be shipped. 

That is why we have combined headquarters in Miami with bases in other parts of the continent, thus being able to provide complete service to small, medium, and large companies. By counting on technological support, we have the resources to offer multiple solutions for logistics and shipment management. 

The experience, training, and dedication of a well-trained and specialized team of professionals in the market translates into cheaper alternatives, more efficient transportation, and reassurance for our customers. 

The efficiency of our consultancy has contributed to the expansion of companies that, after testing our services, have chosen to exclusively use Global Cargo.

From the Time Transporting
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Headquartered in Miami

Our headquarters are located in Miami, FL, and we have additional bases in New York, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

With this strategic network of structures, we can ship from any part of the country, allowing us to expedite and reduce the costs of shipments. 

By limiting yourself to shipping from a single place, you are also limiting the options of values, routes, and transit times you can potentially offer to your client. 

For this reason, it is highly recommended you choose a partner that is able to provide support in several states and in the key points within the US territory. 

Count on us, our structures, and our knowledge on how to do logistics in the United States!


Now that globalization is so pervasive, forming partnerships has become necessary, and almost obligatory to grow your company. Building good connections brings in more expressive results, and is an important point in your company’s growth curve. 

It is with great satisfaction that we have followed the growth of numerous customers, who started with small initial loads and are now deemed as large importers. 

We allow our clients to focus on the globalization of their company, while we take care of the solutions their company needs.

Rates and Costs

Our Pricing Department handles all contracts and negotiations with service providers, from airline to ocean carriers. By doing this, we offer the best and most competitive rates so that you can receive these differentials along with your customer.

During our shipping process, we work closely with third-party companies that perform several services and that have been part of our network for over 23 years. 

This guarantees us an infinitely greater amount of assertiveness and reassurance over our deliveries and receptions, and the customer benefits from this lasting relationship that lowers the risk of the entire process.


In order to generate higher values for both parties, it is advised that your company partners with another company that complements you, and not one that possesses total similarities. 

Considering that the relationship will be forged in stages, the monitoring of results is essential for improving the partnership. Ultimately, this whole process is capable of creating a lasting relationship where the results are always win-win for both parties involved. 

Here at Global Cargo, partnership means commitment, dedication, and responsibility.