Ideal solutions for type of cargo, in any size or quantity

Dry Cargo

Industrialized products and non-perishables also need a logistics strategy that will minimize cost and optimize transit time. We offer many solutions for this type of cargo and each solution requires a specific type of treatment, like in the case of electronic products, which need specialized packaging and protection.

Refrigerated Cargo

Refrigerated cargo requires special care. Identifying an ideal logistic solution is key to complete this operation successfully. The transit time from collection at the exporter to the arrival at the warehouse must be compatible with the instructions received. We count on our walk-in cooler that has the capacity to hold over 20 pallets, which guarantees that we will maintain the integrity of the loads. Our use of a datalogger helps in keeping the temperature metrics during the entire process.

Dangerous Cargo

Handling and coordinating dangerous cargo shipments requires experience and knowledge. Packaging, labels, and maximum quantity allowed by each airline are only a few of the various aspects that need to be carefully analyzed. Our specialists take care of all the details so we can guarantee that every requirement is fully met.

Project Cargo

Coordinating project cargo for over 20 years has allowed us to become experts on the topic. Over the years, we have collected numerous success stories and many satisfied clients. We count on a network of partner providers that facilitate the internal movement of cargo, along with contracts with the best airline and shipping companies that offer us specialized services.

Bulk Cargo

Bulk cargo can be transported in bags, pallets, and containers and each transport method requires specialized attention. The strategy of loading and unloading the bags must be very well elaborated, in order to optimize transit time and meet deadlines. Certain precautions must be taken when dealing with this type of cargo, and our coordinators our experts on this topic.


We offer the infrastructure and knowledge necessary for all types of industries, including: automotive, refrigerated, construction, energy, technology, and more.

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