October 14, 2019

The Importance of a Warehouse Receipt

by Global Cargo in Blog

Understands how a Warehouse Receipt affects the logistics process

Upon receiving a new piece of cargo in the warehouse, the cargo agent must prepare a warehouse receipt (WR) for that specific cargo.

This document must be elaborated as complete and as precise as possible. This precision and completion is necessary because both the MAWB and the HAWB are created using the warehouse receipt as basis. Counting on a partner that that has a well-trained and experienced staff is essential to avoid undesirable and unforeseen circumstances.

A well-elaborated Warehouse Receipt must contain information regarding the amount of items delivered to the warehouse, the weight and dimension of each item, and an indication of what unit of measurement was used to denote this information.

In cases where wood needs to be used, be mindful of the required stamps. Regarding the type of packaging, include information about the utilized material, whether it is wrapped in black or transparent plastic, since some airline companies reject cargo wrapped in black plastic.

It is also important to note any adhesives or stickers indicating dangerous cargo. If the cargo contains batteries, a description of what type of battery must be included in the Warehouse Receipt.

An indication of perishable cargo is also very important, since it should be known to the agent receiving the cargo whether is contains dry ice, gel pack, and if it needs to be placed in the cooler for temperature maintenance. Even the ideal temperature of the cargo must be included in the Warehouse Receipt.

Another important point to note is whether the cargo can be stacked and whether it needs any special or specific kind of handling.

With this document in hand, the departure coordinators revise all the details to gauge if the previous quote agreed upon remains valid, since the details of the cargo must be identical to those given in the initial quote.

If the characteristics of the cargo are exactly identical, the coordinators follow through with the shipment. However, if a detail is different than what was previously presented, the coordinator actions the Commercial Department so that the price is revised and approved once again.

In order to aggregate even more assertiveness to the Warehouse Receipt, it is important to attach some pictures of the cargo within the same file. This is useful because the partner agent is then able to visualize exactly what is described in the Warehouse Receipt.

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