November 18, 2019

The Benefits of Having a Walk-In Cooler

by Global Cargo in Sem categoria

Learn why having a walk-in cooler is beneficial for your warehouse and how this feature can set you apart from competition.

Sensitive and temperature-controlled cargo require specialized care.  

Laboratory elements, plasma, certain foods, and medicines are some examples of products that require walk-in cooler storage with ambient temperature control.

When handling these sensitive shipments that require temperature control, the agent must always be aware of the changes this type of cargo may undergo during transit. By offering a walk-in cooler, the agent can ensure security and precision care with these types of shipments.

Sensitive shipments that require temperature control, such as perishable, commonly present a rather high value, and usually require insurance due to its characteristics. For shipments such as these, a walk-in cooler is often fundamental for a successful operation.

Here at Global Cargo, we have the necessary experience and a walk-in cooler with a capacity for over 20 pallets to be stored in a controlled temperature.

Count on us for the support, small details make all the difference.


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