February 18, 2020

The Advantages of being a TSA Known Shipper

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The cargo aircraft is a common mode used to quickly and effectively ship freight internationally. However, issues with this mode of shipping arise when vessels get booked up, creating delays and inconveniences. This is where passenger aircrafts come in; an alternative to shipping your freight when cargo aircrafts are at capacity. In order to ship on passenger aircrafts, one must be a TSA Known Shipper. This blog post will break down the steps one has to take to become a TSA Known Shipper and the benefits that come along with it.

What is a Known Shipper?

Following the events of 9/11, the United States Department of Homeland Security established new rules and regulations to maintain the safety of both domestic and international transportation. These restrictions were also placed on cargo transported on passenger aircrafts, and thus the TSA Known Shipper list was created. The Known Shipper list encompasses all the companies that have been properly screened by the TSA and authorized to ship on passenger aircrafts.

Registering to become a TSA Known Shipper

Since there is no established application to become a Known Shipper, the process may be a little complex. The first step would be contacting an Indirect Air Carrier, like Global Cargo. Indirect Air Carriers then review your company, verifying if you have a history of shipping via air, no legal transportation violations, and no other conditions that may cause issues with the TSA. Once all paperwork is verified and submitted, it may take 24 hours to a few weeks to be fully approved as a Known Shipper. Remember to always keep track of all required documentation, as TSA may need to verify and validate your company.

What are the Benefits?

You have contacted an Indirect Air Carrier, submitted all required paperwork, and have been validated as a Known Shipper by the TSA. What are the advantages of having gone through the whole process?

More Options

The first and most obvious benefit is the added option of transporting cargo on passenger aircrafts. Known Shippers have the choice of transporting freight on cargo aircrafts or passenger aircrafts. Considering that there is a substantially greater amount of passenger airlines in the market compared to cargo airlines, Known Shippers gain the advantages of better routes and faster transit times, all while diminishing the chances of encountering fully booked aircrafts.

Faster Delivery

Passenger aircrafts make up most of the airlines available globally. More passenger aircrafts means more frequent departures, more destinations, and faster delivery. While air freight is usually the quickest option for shipping, those that are Unknown Shippers require extensive planning due to the high demand for spots on cargo airplanes. Since passenger aircrafts tend to have more available spots, last minute bookings become a possibility when you are a Known Shipper.

Reduced Rates and Costs

Price is often influential when shipping freight. Lower rates is a factor everyone seeks, all while maintaining quality service and quick transit times. However, cargo airlines regularly experience rate fluctuations, leaving Unknown Shippers with wavering prices. This is not the case with TSA Known Shippers. Unlike cargo aircrafts, which are entirely funded by shippers and their freight, passenger aircrafts receive money from both passengers and shippers. As a result, the cost of shipping freight on passenger airplanes is usually significantly lower than shipping on cargo airplanes.

Have any questions about becoming a TSA Known Shipper? Contact Global Cargo today, our team will be happy to assist you. Go Global – your cargo in good hands!

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