November 4, 2019

Rail Transportation in the United States

by Global Cargo in Sem categoria

The American rail network is very large and companies often use rail transportation to allow more agility to internal cargo traffic.

When choosing to use rail transportation, it is a common requirement to drive the cargo to the nearest railway ramp.

The containers are placed on wagons that have enough space (spots) for 40′ containers. If a customer’s container is 20′, the company will place another 20′ container to be transported alongside.

There is a possibility that one may need to wait for the arrival of another 20′ container to make the match, that is, to have two 20′ containers to occupy the space destined to the 40′. In cases like these, delays in rail transportation may occur.

Once transported to the destination via railway, a carrier withdraws the container to deliver at the port of departure or, in the case of an import, at the importer.

Despite knowing how this process works, there are always new details to be aware of when conducting rail transportation. Here at Global Cargo, we possess the knowledge to guarantee the successful shipment of your cargo.

Knowledge generates authority, a key factor in gaining customer’s trust, since their security is in the certainty that you have full control over procedures in international territory.

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